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The continent of Ethucan lies across a wide ocean from Valorn. Perhaps at one time there were ships large enough to withstand such a journey but recorded history has revealed the only transport between the land masses has been via powerful magical portals. Since the fall of the Golden Age in Valorn, and up until only recently, Ethucan kept their side of the portal closed. At this time, access for Valornians is only permitted in certain portions of the capital of Iscax. As Ethucan is very secretive about the rest of the Empire, what information is written here may no longer be accurate.

Towns and Areas of Ethucan

Iscax: The Island City

Iscax, capital city of the kingdom of Ethucan, is located on an island on the southeastern edge of the continent. It is a resplendent city whose architectural beauty mirrors the natural beauty of the island. Iscax is home to some of the most skilled smiths, jewelers, chefs, and craftspeople in the world.

Ethucan is ruled by an Emperor or Empress, who resides in a marble palace on a street paved with white marble and gold. The Empire had grown in size and strength but began to falter under its own weight until the rise of the hero Livius Quintius Muriel approximately 100 summers ago. A brilliant general and beloved figure, he eventually became Emperor and reinvigorated the Empire. His granddaughter, Holy Empress Arelia, now leads Ethucan. She is the sole remaining direct descendant of Muriel the Hero.

The Muriel Longbridge

The Muriel Longbridge, named after Muriel the Hero, spans the gulf separating the island city of Iscax from the mainland of Ethucan. It is the second largest known man-made structure in the world, dwarfed only by The Wall of Valorn. Traffic on the bridge is quite heavy throughout most of the day as people go back and forth on various business between Iscax and Longbridgton.

Longbridgton: Gateway to Ethucan

Nestled between the hills and the water, Longbridgton is a quaint, gulfside town that serves mostly as a waypoint between Iscax and the rest of the continent. Longbridgton also serves as a bit of a central market for the continent, due to both its central location and easy access to the capital city.

Holly Woods

West of the hills of Longbridgton is a pleasant forest known as Holly Woods. The berries of the wood are the base for Ethucan's famous wines.

Frungold Plains

The Frungold Plains produce the majority of the food for Ethucan. The food is harvested by peasants in the area, processed in Cantabria, and the majority is then shipped to Longbridgton to be distributed to the rest of the kingdom.

Cantabria: City on the Plains

Cantabria is a fairly large settlement consisting mostly of farmers and ranchers who work the fields of the nearby Frungold Plains. Food and entertainment is always abundant in Cantabria, as the life of a farmer is hard and they are often looking for nightly diversions. Food from the plains is processed in this town, and several large merchant associations then ship the food to Longbridgton to be transferred all around Ethucan.

Oxonia: The Hub of Knowledge

Very little is known outside of Ethucan about the Learned Academies of Oxonia only that its scholars and professors are thought to be the foremost experts in the fields of science and technological progress. The symbol of the city is a spiked circle.

Horizon: Haven for Contemplation

What little is known of Horizon, a city on the northern coast of the continent of Ethucan is that is a place of spirituality and peace.

Thule: The Floating City

Rumors abound about the city of Thule in the center of a great lake. The most credible indicate that it is a city of powerful enchanters and mages.

Notable Citizens of Ethucan

Holy Empress Arelia Muriel

Good-hearted and wiser than her years, she is the only survivor of an attack on the palace when the enchanters of Ethucan collectively went murderously insane twelve winters past. She is slow to trust but has formed a respectful friendship with Queen Cordelia.

Regent General Kratos Gaelus Amphion

Fiercely protective of the Empress, he served as regent after he had rescued Arelia as a child from the attack. He has stepped back from ruling in her stead but still advises her humbly and quietly.

Prince Daryus

A handsome, well-mannered cousin of Arelia, he is Captain of the Imperial Guard and next in line for the Imperial throne. Rumor has it that he proposed a bonding to Queen Cordelia.