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Not much is known about the era before the current age, when Balthazar began to spread his dark shadow over the land. Some say the Golden Age was a time of peace, others a time of war. Regardless, the domain of man ruled the continent of Valorn, and vast alliances spanned the entire world…

…until the demon hordes were released and Valorn was plunged into chaos and darkness. Now monsters walk where man once lived without worry, and the once majestic kingdoms have been decimated into a tiny confederation of hamlets. All the while Balthazar looks on from his fortress in the great dead forest at the eastern edge of Valorn, ensuring his dominion through the actions of his monstrous demon followers. Only the combined powers of the enchanters of Ryndall keep the Demon Lord from exerting the full force of his awesome powers. Still, it seems like a week does not pass without some sort of demon assault on the hearts, minds or bodies of the people of Valorn. Former allies from the lands of Kilican and Ethucan have died or grown silent, and Valorn stands alone against this seemingly unstoppable enemy.

Know then that it is many hundred years since the fall of the golden age and the beginning of this era. Do you have the strength to fight to help free mankind from its dark future? Or will you be crushed beneath Balthazar's unrelenting hordes? The path to heroic victory or utter defeat can be decided by you alone…

The world of The Dark Grimoire, called Trinald, consists of three major lands: Valorn, Kilican Isle, and Ethucan. Valorn is the largest continent, home to Balthazar, and the place where you will spend most of your early adventuring time. Kilican, once a mighty kingdom of warriors to the north, has descended into anarchy and is now ruled by pirates and monsters. Ethucan, to the west, is a highly civilized kingdom of great industry and scholarship, but has little official contact with Valorn due to fears that they might draw the Demon Lord's attentions.

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