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Let it be known, that after countless winters of suffering and devastation by the Demon Lord Balthazar, the land of Valorn is finally free of his insatiable wrath. But with his defeat, will Queen Cordelia be able to restore her kingdom to the ideal of an earlier era, another Golden Age, where humans ruled the continent in peace and prosperity? The dark shadow of Balthazar’s influence still taints the land and adventurers are still needed to protect the people and take back the places destroyed by the forces of chaos. And while one threat is gone, how many more dangers have risen to take its place? What of the demons who had served Balthazar who still strike from the darkness? What of the emboldened monstrous races who may believe humankind’s defenses weakened from the war against the Demon Lord? What of Valorn’s fragile alliance with the ambitious Empire of Ethucan?

Do you have the strength and wisdom to meet these challenges? Or will Valorn’s victory be short-lived? The path to glory or tragedy may hinge upon a single decision, a single action. Will it be yours?


The world of The Dark Grimoire, called Trinald, consists of three major lands: Valorn, Kilican Isle, and Ethucan. Valorn is the largest continent and the place where you will spend most of your early adventuring time. Kilican, once a mighty kingdom of warriors to the north, has descended into anarchy and is now ruled by pirates. Ethucan, far to the west and reachable only through a magical portal, is a highly civilized kingdom of great industry and scholarship, but has had little official contact with Valorn due to self-serving isolationism.

Watching over Trinald from high above in Sunrifter are the gods who have created and look after the world. They prefer not to interfere with the mortal struggles of adventurers, believing that free will is more important than achieving perfection.

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