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Use the following email links to contact the Admins. DO NOT send Admins PMs in the forum or in the game. In any email you send regarding the game, please include the LINK to your profile page. If you talk about or report anybody else, also include a link to their profile pages.

If you are applying for a guild name, include the following information in your email to us in addition to your profile link:

  1. your guild number;
  2. your proposed guild name; and
  3. a paragraph explaining the purpose/story of your guild (guilds which we do not feel will be a positive addition to The Dark Grimoire will be rejected).
Support emails
Game Administration Problems in Dark Grimoire such as harassment, other rule violations and problems, or extreme bug reports should be sent here. This is the appropriate way to privately contact the Game Admins.
Billing Issues concerning your premium subscription.
Support Game support issues, including activation or forum problems, guild name request, etc.
Locked Accounts This address will assist you in resolving issues related to a locked account. If you did something naughty, though, brace yourself for a mean response.