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Privacy Policy

This privacy policy outlines the data we hold about you, and what we use it for. By consenting to this privacy policy, you are agreeing to the terms within.

Data Storage

All of the data we collect during our registration process is stored indefinitely. This includes your name (as given), age, email address and gender. We use this information to allow you to log in, but also to verify your identity should you require assistance in recovering your account.

Data Use

We may also review this data to analyse our customer population, and your email address may be used to contact you to advertise Dark Grimoire products and services, or to provide you with important information about your account.


The Dark Grimoire uses cookies to keep track of user logins. These cookies store no personal information on your computer and are only used to keep you logged in while playing. In addition, a small number of other cookies are served from our domain by Google Analytics and associated plugins which provide us data on how the game is being played and which pages are being visited .

3rd Parties

We do not sell or provide any customer information to third parties, other than with our payment provider when strictly necessary.


No information about you as a user is given to our advertisers. General demographics about our entire userbase are available to help our advertisers make an informed decision in their purchase, but these demographics can not be tied to a specific person to target advertising.