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Privacy Policy

This privacy policy is to give users an idea of what their personal information is being used for on this site.


The Dark Grimoire uses cookies to keep track of user logins. These cookies store no personal information on your computer and are only used to keep information persistant as you move through the various areas of the game. Without cookies turned on, your login information wont be saved from page to page.

Profile/Information we collect

The information entered when signing up for a game account is used only to give the administration a general idea of the makeup of the population and a way to contact those needed. The email address is used for communication from the admins to the user as well as to mark accounts unique. This address is not sold to 3rd parties. We do not collect any customer information. Please see our payment processor's Privacy Policy concerning collected information.


No information about you as a user is given to our advertisers. General demographics about our entire userbase are available to help our advertisers make an informed decision in their purchase, but these demographics can not be tied to a specific person to target advertising.

You can contact me here if you have any questions.