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Iron Protector Patton

The blazing blue eyes of absolute truth illuminate the weathered face of this stalwart member of the Iron Order. Patton is above middle height, almost as broad at the shoulders as he is tall. His massive stature precludes lightning fast sword thrusts, but the power of his blows makes up for that. He has a tale about every item he wears and is happy to share them with anyone who will stand still long enough to listen.

A jolly man by nature, Patton is still more apt to answer questions with a soft grunt and the upward quirk of his dark eyebrows then with his deep voice. Although some consider him a bit of a joker, he always has a ready smile for his Protector kin and any outsiders that measure up to the strict code of bravery that forms the basis of his personality.

Professions: ( W C R E )
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