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The man before you has an average height, tanned skin and a mane of wild and dark hair that drops roughly to his shoulders. His gaze often wanders, constantly aware of his surroundings, but when fixed upon someone his bright brown eyes show interest and curiosity.

Turns of lazyness and a passion for food adventures have made him out of shape. His arms and legs do seem to have good muscle in them, beneath a growing layer of fat. Up close, a small scar can be seen on his upper lip.

His face often shows a smile like someone grinning at a private joke, and his laughs roar soundly, showing his general happiness with life.

Many turns of training in the perilous Reborn Zone have made it hard to keep his gear in shape, so all equipment shows signs of heavy use except for a rapier at his side. The weapon is kept in top condition and when not being used is sheated in resistant leather. The initials 'DDR' can be seen on the leather.

Sometimes glimpsed from a simple chain around his neck, a small figurine of a winged lizard-like creature can be seen when it comes out of his clothes.

A crude drawing of a crescent moon with the letters TS within can be seen on his garment's left sleeve, showing an almost childish level artistic skill.

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