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The Noble Neryth
Dressed in an assortment of mismatched and ill-fitting armour, Neryth exudes a youthful energy and resilience. Constantly having to pull up and rearrange her oversized armour, she clearly has more growing to do.

Despite her youth, well-toned muscles show beneath her clothing attesting to at least some kind of physical strength, albeit perhaps not gained from combat as she holds her weapon and shield awkwardly and not in a practiced manner. Despite this, her hand is almost always on the hilt of her sword which, when not in use, is sheathed (perhaps foolishly) in nothing but the loop of a belt.

An air of unattested confidence surrounds her as she seems eager to jump into any and every battle. Her free hand often on her hip and her head held high, her natural stance seems rather haughty.

Dark freckles pepper her face, a concentration of which spreads across her pronounced cheek bones, above which deep-set hazel eyes peer constantly at her surroundings as if she is always on a heightened guard. Her mousy brown hair has been haphazardly chopped with some sort of blunt instrument to just below her chin, creating a messy, but practical style.

The clothing beneath her armour has recently been laundered. Unlike her armour, it seems to have been tailored to fit Neryth. Despite the cleanliness of her clothes, the skin beneath is a multitude of dusky colours as she is caked with a mix of paint and dirt.

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