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Lord Rhalia
Rhalia is a short and burly man, looking to be in his mid-30's. His stout form is shaped with muscle through years of rigorous training. His slight belly, acquired after a long slumber, is finally beginning to recede.
Milky, sightless eyes sparkle with mirth, and a contented grin plays upon his lips. His hair is cropped, and he has a neatly trimmed auburn beard.
The ring upon his left hand glows beautifully with some type of blessing.
The blinding light of his ultimate weapon can be seen issuing forth from his primary hand, it’s radiance a thing of wonder. It seems he is slowly learning to control the intensity of the bright light so as not to blind his allies and non-combatants.
In his off hand, he carries a large tower shield with the practiced ease of many turns’ use. Though it has seen many battles, the face remains unmarred from innumerable claws and fangs. The shield shines brightly and incessantly, as though it has been touched by divine hands. A brilliant relief of a bear’s head has been expertly painted upon the face of the shield. It’s maw is open in an angry roar, long incisors protruding dangerously, it’s violet eyes glaring menacingly.
Wrapped about his stout form like a cloak is an unusually large towel. It is fuzzy and of a brown hue, much like that of a bear’s fur. It looks quite durable. Clasping it shut around his neck is a silver pendant. In the middle, scrawled in a fine indigo scrit are the letters “SR”. The border is decorated with an elegant tribal design in the same indigo color.
Occasionally, he may be seen wielding another finely forged sword. The blade is broad and sharp, glistening in the rays of Sunrifter. When not in use, he keeps it sheathed in fine leather upon his back. The name “Kodiak” has been engraved in the leather. The pommel of the weapon is as much a work of art as it is sturdy and functional.
Forged of brightly burnished bronze, it is shaped like a great bear, reared on it’s hind quarters. It’s forepaws are spread out to form the cross-guard, and incredibly sharp steel spikes protrude to add a little extra defense in the event an enemy slips past the blade. The maw of the beast is open in a fearsome snarl, exposing steel fangs much like it’s claws. While less functional, it adds to the aesthetic. The bear’s eyes are set with violet gems, glaring out menacingly.

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