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Lady Ayla Pearl
A slight tinkling sound can be heard as this lithe and lean form approaches due to various tiny seashells hanging from colorful ribbons braided to her belt. Usually, Ayla's long dark hair hangs wet from the ocean and her milky skin is slightly flushed from her time in the water. Her bright, fierce eyes scan the horizon...

There are two things Ayla holds more dear than others; items given to her by her dearest friends. Sheathed in her left boot Ayla keeps a specially crafted dagger. She is sometimes seen carving intricate images into bits of this and that with its blade.
In her pack she carries a handsome leather-bound book with a water gem embedded in the cover. She seems unconcerned with the constant ink stains on the side of her left palm and the light splotches they may leave on the pages of her special book.

Delicate, fingerless spider silk gloves cover her hands and are almost never removed; a protective element. Ayla proudly displays a pin in the shape of a heart, with the image of a blade and a staff crossed over the front of it. The pin is secured to the middle of a cobalt blue ribbon which has been fashioned into a choker. Dangling from the bottom of the pin is a small bright token, with a square hole in the middle of it. Her hooded dress is a midnight hue, but is lined with periwinkle fabric that lights a soft sheen against her face.


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