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Maximilion (his freinds call him pip) is an unassuming, innocent enough looking nondescript young man of 24 summers. The only notable thing about the lad is how he mispronounces certain words. If one listens closely enough Max can be heard saying words wrong such as, aluminium, colour, recognise, honour, neighbour, harbour, zed and assorted other words instead of the correct annunciation of aluminum, color, recognize, harbor, honor, neighbor, and Zee. At the pub he can often be seen enjoying a nice spot of tea and a biscuit as often as good taste will allow.

Maximilion Shagswell
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Gender: Male
Level: 9
Profession: Initiate
Stature Points: 6
Equipped Items
Bear Hide Cloak
Amulet of Evilsbane (Glowing)
Hard Leather Boots
Wrist Guards
Padded Leather Cap
Traveler's Jerkin and Pants
Fine Verthedgebark Armor