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While Lathai is most assuredly a good-looking fellow, he evinces far more confidence than he ought rightly to possess. He is audacious and cocksure, spirited and rowdy; characteristics that manage to both supplement and detract from his would-be charm in equal measures.

A thick mane of platinum strands has been left to grow wild and long, plaited at his back and bound with silken ribbon; a few wayward tendrils have escaped their woven confines, to hover pleasingly over temples and brow. Facial hair of the same silvery shade is strategically groomed into a smart, anchor-like configuration— with a thin beard that follows the line of his sculpted jaw, and a moustache that curls delicately upward at each point.

His skin is smooth and unblemished; olive-toned and ‘Rifter kissed. Umber flecks dot the outer corners of his eyes in a persuasive forgery of freckles, trailing back toward his ears to then trickle down the sides of his neck and disappear beneath his collar. The ice blue of his gaze is curiously framed by sable lashes; long enough that a downward glance sees that they nearly skim the height of cheekbones angled to meet. Lathai's is a nose with a subtle upturn, and the natural curve of his lips imitates a perpetual smile.

Much like his temperament, his person is loud. He is richly ornamented— from the multitude of hoops and chains that dangle from his earlobes to the set of rings that weigh down his fingers. The ring finger of his left hand has been dominated by a large, marquise-cut emerald that glints upon its white-gold setting like a watchful feline’s eye. A decorative baldric bolsters his weapons; worn over clothing that is often equally garish, and armor that is more ornamental than functional. Monogrammed in gold with a bold and stylized 'L', a wineskin swings full from his hip, with a woven charm of glossy crow feathers fluttering from its cap.

Lathai Lughaidh
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Gender: Male
Level: 34
Profession: Warrior
Guild: Murder of Crows (Leader)
Stature Points: 110
Equipped Items
White Gold Ring
Monogrammed Handkerchief
Shimmering Ice Cloak
Blessed Ring (Glowing)
Gator Skin Boots
Manly Pleated Pink Dress
Glass of Wine