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A pair of green eyes peer out from amongst the makings of a handsome face, offering a ready smile from behind a formidable beard. Atop his head, Lucius sports an interesting hat. On one side of the hat, embroidered in silvery silkspun thread are the letters TS encircled by a crescent moon, and on the other an ochre blossom is pinned.

Lucius' left sleeve appears to have been removed and hemmed by a skilled hand. Belts of bos hide extend from the gauntlet on that side and wind their way around his considerably hairy forearm, up past the elbow and fasten to buckles protruding from the armour within his clothing. On one of the breasts of Lucius' suit, embroidered in silvery silkspun, a hammer rests upon script reading 'Forgemaster'. Tied around his left wrist is a silk bracelet, decorated with a hand-carved obsidian charm of a wolf and a unicorn. On the second finger of Lucius' right hand is a brass ring, finely detailed around the band with etched leaves.

A duelmaster with dark brown leather wrapped tightly around the grip rides at his left hip. The pommel has been tied with spider silk and adorned with two small, dark-green feathers and a single wolf fang. Along the scabbard reads "Mother Hold Our Will". Its partner, an Ultimate Weapon; The Light. When in crystal form, The Light is held in the mouth of a silver clasp shaped like a wolf's head upon his right hip.

A great grey wolf cloak drapes from Lucius' shoulder. The head of the beast, less its lower jaw, rests upon his right shoulder like a pauldron. The eyes of the creature closed, its face serene, as if only sleeping.

Lucius' 6' 6" body is made up of thick, sinewy muscle, coarse hair and grit. His skin is bronzed from long days in the sun.

A blacksmith's hammer hangs from his belt.

Lord Lucius Flintlock Forgemaster
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Gender: Male
Level: 57
Profession: Rogue
Guild: Twilight Serenity (Officer)
Stature Points: 1121
Equipped Items
Drawstring cloth pouch
Brass Ring
Embroidered Leaf Patch
Ochre Blossom
Giant Wolf Cloak
Molten Fire Amulet (Glowing)
Stygian Boots
Colorfully Dyed Gray Silk Bracelet
Black Tricorn Hat
Fine Yellow Silkspun Clothing
Mushroom Soup