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The Dark Grimoire is a free multiplayer online role playing game ( MMORPG ) featuring amazing adventure, magnificent treasures, and a vibrant, highly interactive community. Starting out in a small town as an initiate you learn the ways of Valorn with the guidance of the many seasoned adventurers you will meet during your travels, while becoming a mighty Warrior, Cleric, Rogue, or Enchanter. In a world torn apart by evil demons, dark beasts, and an evil Lord bent on world domination, your strongest weapon against the coming hordes is the comradery you develop with others. The Dark Grimoire is an RPG unlike any online text game or graphical MMORPG around.

To get started, register here: REGISTER. You will be walked through account creation, and then taken to your character creation screen.

Highest Stature
1: Akassa 180
2: Lowrenzo 179
3: Ellyana Lilli 113
4: Avedis Nercessian 101
5: Lucius Flintlock 81
6: Fleur 71
7: Ixon Fier 67
8: Talisk Blademaker 57
9: Hacken 47
10: Bella Darktower 40
Last 10 Premium Moves
1: Dabria Kamali
2: Awai Isoyami
3: Topaz
4: Alanna Sylverhaven
5: Akassa
6: Xanthias
7: Kade Fallingstar
8: Synvasti Shymere
9: Cody Fireblade
10: Sigarni
Kills This Hour
1: Akassa 93
2: Dabria Kamali 64
3: Kade Fallingstar 20
4: Quasha Lavarte 10