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Kilican Isle is a small, volcanic island to the north of Valorn. There is only one settlement left on the island: the pirate haven of Port Perfadis. The rest of the island consists of beaches full of exotic and dangerous creatures and lava caves created by the constant eruptions of Mount Kilican.

Towns and Areas of Kilican

Port Perfadis: Pirate Haven

Port Perfadis is as dangerous a town as you are likely to find in Trinald. Port Perfadis is populated almost entirely by pirates, although that term must be used lightly since there has not been much actual pirating going on in the last several hundred years. However, the lifestyle of the swaggering swashbuckler has survived, and those who can abide the constant drunken brawls and general meanness of the port city have found the town's charms... and armor and weapons... to be quite impressive.

Mount Kilican

Kilican Isle was formed from ash and magma from Mt. Kilican, which still smokes and sometimes erupts at the center of the island. The interior of the volcano is riddled with magma tubes and passageways segmented by rivers of flowing melted rock. As if this weren't dangerous enough, the indigenous life-forms that call this environment home can prove to be quite a challenge.