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The Tale of the Winter Sprite

In the wake of the harvest, and the faded light of Sunrifter, there once was a malevolent little being called the Winter Sprite.

Everywhere the sprite would go, snow and frost would surely follow. In time, the sprite would become the herald of a festival held during the cycle of Winter's Bite. The wintry escapades it created were a source of much joy (and danger) for the people of the land, and ordinary citizens would exchange gifts of great value and utility throughout the festive period.

While some of the Winter Sprite's powers seem to be inadvertently triggered, and merely a natural result of its presence in an area, it is also said that the creature is a keen prankster, always looking for a new way to cause chaos and havoc for townspeople in the affected areas.

Rumor has it that it can create beings of great strength out of snow and ice to carry out its devious plans, which often involve humans coming to some physical harm.

In recent winters, the tale of the Winter Sprite has been relegated to legend - No one has ever definitively proven that it exists, and the winters have been mild and friendly for a generation. These days, the Sprite is mainly used in story, to scare children from venturing out when it's too cold outside.

Weight: 1 *Nobility Required* Professions: ( ANY )
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