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Aryana Moonsong
Ary is an enigma at the best of times and an enigma at the worst of times. You never know how your day may go when you meet up with this devilishly angelic rogue. Her crystal blue eyes shimmer with merriment and mischievousness as this silver bunny bounces around Valorn.

She has a myriad of stories to regale you with, especially if you're willing to buy her an ale or two! Having been around Valorn more times than she can count, she has many that she calls family and friends, but none more so than her beloved Bunnies. Once more serving as the leader of the Bunnies, she wears a platinum CSB pin to denote this, that keeps her cloak in place. Poking out from her deep red hair which now has a streak of white to show her age, are a pair of silver sparkly bunny ears with a bunny tail on her behind to match!

This red-headed rogue may seem complex but is quite a simple lady. It does not take much to make her smile and laugh as she walks the lands doing her best to help keep it safe from those that seek to harm. Don't be afraid to talk to her if you see her standing around, in an Inn, or even send her a letter. She's always willing to chat and help the best she can!

From an early age, the shadows were her home away from home, having been taught the arts by her Pa, while her Ma made sure that she had a love for the finer things such as music, which is her second love. Singing and writing music that she may share with those around Valorn, she uses one of her greatest treasures, a Zither, that was gifted to her by the Magnificent Miranda in recognition of her skills, for which she is forever grateful!

While Ary has not always been proud of some parts of her journey, she knows that she would not be the person she is today without having gone through them. Mistakes are meant to be learned from and that is why she has stitched a saying upon her pack using orange thread, as a reminder of a great lesson learned.

"Lead with your head, but listen to your heart. While your eyes see what is before you, your heart will always reveal the truth."
She also wears a her old Holy Ring of Light on a string around her neck, though it no longer glows as it once did.

Around her waist is a myriad of different pouches that hold the treasures she has collected during her time in the lands. Some she found, some she was gifted by friends, and some rare ones by the very Gods or Goddesses. Each one holds a special place in her heart and has a story to tell, which she is always willing to share.

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