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Pallas the Perceptive
*The Book of Change*


Sylvan and the Perceptive

Moves quietly and steps softly as he walks the land. A man of average height and appearance, he does not particularly stand out in a crowd - a fact that has served him well on his chosen path. He observes the world through brown eyes which glitter with laughter. A plain strip of unadorned leather serves as a head-band, holding away from his eyes brown, wavy shoulder-length hair which is tinged with grey. His beard is now to back the usual scruff of short stubble.
At his throat, safely attached to a stout leather necklace, he keeps a key, a beast tooth, several rings and a rock crystal pendant which is clearly emblazoned '42'. A cloth pouch hangs from a dagger belt which also holds blades, vials of poison and other useful supplies.

Belts of protective leather wrap around his right forearm and up over the elbow. His left forearm bears the tattoo of a young woman, long hair braided with flowers and seashells, brandishing a wooden staff and riding a spiral-horned sea horse. Marks from old burns twine up his arm, faintly marring some of the image's edge. Carefully stitched onto Pallas' pack in silver thread are the forms of several animals, amongst which is depicted a lit candle surrounded by flowers.

Tied around his left wrist is a blue silk bracelet, twisted into a fishtail braid and adorned with two small, brass leaf charms. Embossed on his armour are the letters TS, partially encircled in the arms of a silver crescent moon.
A perfect red rose is attached to his armour, over his heart.

There is a small design tattooed onto the back of his right wrist and a faded scar on his right hand.

.:Twilight Serenity:.

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