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Iron Protector Argoth the Youthful
This tall cleric can't be long over his twenties. Strangely, hearing him talk gives one the impression that he has been around far longer than that. Far far longer...
His golden blonde hair is always kept well styled and matching his Zeric-like goatee.

When addressed, a kind face and a tired smile are usually shown, and his blue eyes often reflect the same tiredness.

Looking at him in town and out in the wilds, it is clear he favors civilization and is more a town person, at home in a training yard rather than in the wilderness. Constant training, however, made him more used to the adventuring life. It is noticeable that he seems to avoid inns as much as possible.

Whenever he feels the need to occupy himself, he tends to his gear, so all his equipment is clean and combat ready. It does show some signs of use.

His clerical robes appear brand new, as if only recently put to use.

His shield bears a sigil of a crescent moon with the letters TS within.

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