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Mia Lane
Miriam (Mia) Alexandra Lane

A slender, mousy young woman not more than 5ft 2in with brown hair that is kept in a braid, and yet despite the braid her hair is frizzed all around her head. She is unassuming and unremarkable, easily forgettable except for her deep cat-like grey eyes. Dressed in a simple brown pants and tan button up shirt, a deep, dark red robe that has been altered to fit her just right. A shimmering wyvern claw is strapped to her arm within quick reach yet hidden beneath her robe. Her shield usually stays on the opposite arm even at rest, her hatchet if not in her hand is in a leather pocket sheath made just for it just on the inside of her shield. A leather strap has been tied to her new staff and she has it slung over her shoulder when not in use. And a faded blue cloak engulfs her frame.

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