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The Noble Lady Polaris Ursica
The Noble Polaris Ursica

Standing at 5'6, Athletically Built for an Enchantress. Hair Wavy and Auburn in the Sun, A Golden Yellow Ochre Blossom in her hair and Eyes like Emeralds Shadowed behind her long lashes. Some sort of Black Ink is Smeared across her Face from ear-to-ear like a Bandit mask, parts of it have begun to drip down her face. Her Skin Color is Olive, and not Without Scars. Though her Hands look Invitingly Soft.

Her Enchanter's Robes are Embroidered With her House Crest- Only Two like it- a Ursica-made Bear Cloak, and lastly, a Pinned Handkerchief Embroidered "ZZ~"

She Occasionally carries a Heavy Black Leatherbound Book, the Pages edged in Gold Leaf, the Cover Tipped with Silver Filigree When She's not Busy or Training.

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