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Alfred Elpin
About average, that is the height and looks of Alfred Elpin.

Hair, silvered and gray from over fifty years of life, has recently been trimmed and hangs over his face covering the start of a scar that trails down the left side of his face from scalp to jaw. Hazel-colored eyes flit to and fro - never settling in one place for long. His cheeks are sunken, and his face is gaunt. Beneath temple armor is an agile frame laden with tightly strung muscles that are neither bulging nor mistakable for wheat stalks. And an ever-trusty pruning knife hangs from Alf's belt.

Stitched on his smock are the letters TS, partially encircled in the arms of a silver crescent moon.

Alfred smells of fresh dirt and wild mint. Tied to his pack are fresh bundles of mint.

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