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Taven Deagan
Standing at 5’11’’ he has bright blond hair that complements the brightness of his Icy blue eyes. He is currently wearing a set of original robes made in reverence to Zeric which imitate a starlit night sky. Varying shades of blue trace across the fabric, from deep midnight blue to a more vivid ultramarine. The silver-threaded stars are each stitched in their own perfectly symmetrical heptapeton design and scattered throughout to match the many constellations of Trinald. His robes now glow softly with holy sigils about them. He has few scars on his back that are rarely ever seen, he has long arms with gently spun muscle that shows he’s not only just in the business of caring for others, but the gentleness of his touch does betray the fact that he’s indeed good at it.
He has a new air about him, and seems more determined than he has before and no longer does he shy away from a fight, because “The best things in life are worth fighting for.” he’s always quick to extend a hand to help those who need it. He’s ready to get out there and stand against impossible odds. And he isn’t afraid, because he finds that he always has the best of people at his side.

~Taven Deagan

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