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The Noble Drecq Lexenstar
The Warrior of Kilica

Drecq stands a commanding 6’7” tall and is built like a solid rock. His hair is dark as coal and his eye is green as emerald. He has an injured eye that he keeps a patch on for the most part. His hair is kept short like that of most of the military of Valorn and is well kept. He has recently grown out a goatee and a short kept beard. His skin is more tan than normal as he has recently spent a great deal of time out in the sun and next to the fire as he spends time training, hunting, and smithing and customizing his armor and weapon.

His armor is custom-fitted and unique to him. He wears holy robes dyed in black and red, that rests underneath his heavy plate armor. The armor has laced with black wolf pelts and teeth and horns of other animals. His heavy plate armor is dyed a blackish color with a Rune upon the center of the chest plate, a Rune upon helm above his brow, and a Rune on his right gauntlet. Each Rune is accompanied by a set of smaller runes that encircle the big rune which appears to be painted in crimson.

Finally upon his armor is an insignia of a Raven holding a black rose and sword with runic letters spelling the name "Drakon".

He carries an Ultimate Weapon of War that has a handcrafted handle made of strange black metal and red power stone. Upon his arm is a Demon Power Bracelet that has been modified to act both as an arm guard but as a power enhancer.

Upon his back, he carries a large pack that he keeps all his materials and Journal in as he travels the land hunting and training.

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