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High Lady Zelele Zostre
Zelele is from very far away; she is adapting cheerfully to Valorn. Her speech is musical, almost sung.
She likes many colors; purple brings out the highlights of her skin. The clasp of her robe is a howling wolf, with a shark fin on its back. Her handkerchief is scented with sage, spearmint, lemon grass and sweet basil. A large polychromatic snake-skin is knotted around her waist...

Her golden ring is marked with a pattern of interlocking Z's and C's; the more subtle inscription is too fine to see without close examination.
The diamond ring is made of intertwined snakes supporting the reflector under the stone. Faint markings may be scales and may be letters.

Her face is painted in small green scales, with eyespots around eyes; when they are closed, telescoping eyes are seen on her eyelids. On her forehead is a gold coronet. A red tongue extends out of the right side of her mouth, and stretches down her neck. It is usually covered, but a blue tail stretches down her leg to her left knee, where it forms a coil.

Some spots of random paint have been added - especially black, which is hardly visible.

Her saw is labelled Antiope.

Zelele is wearing a gold underdress with wide sleeves and short leggings and over it a low-cut sleeveless sheath and a cluster of garnets in her cleavage. A light gold dust is sprinkled over her dress and skin, and a faint veil covers all.

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