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Her face is radiant, soft and aglow with a sense of happiness. Her poise and disposition gives her the presence of grace. She has a caring, bubbly, fun personality and normally greets you with a smile. Once she gets to know you she can be playful and a bit feisty at times.

Her compassion for life flows like a raging river, comforting yet protective. She knows the deepest loves and is no stranger to pain. She has a will that can't be explained or measured.

Her crystal green eyes sparkle with a hint of mystery, of what she has hidden inside to share with others. Her long red hair is set free in an array of loose curls flowing freely down her back stopping just past her waist. Midway down her back you notice the red gradually fades from red to a deep onyx color at the tips A portion of the front is set back into a jewel encrusted comb. A small blossom is tucked right behind the comb as if tucked in place by someone close. On the opposite side of the comb is a carefully cut and polished back gemstone, with tiny platinum stars laid into it, one being larger than the rest and trailing small specks of platinum making it look like a shooting star, carefully fixed to the back is a platinum hair pin

Her gracefully thin figure is dressed in black leggings a red flowing top that sets just off her shoulders. Black spider silk ribbons are tied at her biceps holding the material snug to her arm. Black spider silk ribbon is also seen at her wrists holding the sleeves in place. A onyx softened leather cincher fits snuggly around her waist. The remaining part of her shirt flows freely from her waist as if tails of a tailored suit flowing freely to the backs of her knees. Pinned to her cincher is a gold pin of a Crescent Moon surrounded with stars. Each star shimmers with a sliver of a crystalline shard. Within the Crescent Moon are the initials TS made out of tiny Garnet gems.

Hanging from her neck is a necklace. The tiny chain mail links of this trinket appear to be forged from melted down white gold. Seemingly the chain mail style of this necklace gives it an almost extravagant feel, but yet at the same time simple. Hanging from this necklace is a piece of red semi-illuminate stone, but if one got a close enough glance they'll see a glowing lava rock has been carved into a heart shape.

A silkened ribbon bracelet with a special pearl swirled with red encircles her slender wrist.

A hint of a tattoo can be seen on her shoulder. What appears to be two intertwined Ks interlocking with a rose.

A scent of sweet fruit lingers in the air while she is in the area.
A small round button that proclaims in cheerful letters "Valornian Welcome Wagon" is pinned to her shirt.
She can on a rare occasion be seen relaxing or writing in her journal a spider silk bracelet can be seen peeking out of the journal.

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