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Telvonus has just come to his full growth; he wears his robes of Miranda with some confidence now, the sash decorated with a silver clasp decorated with a garnet and a rose formed out of a calligraphic letter K. His black cloak with golden inlays has a warm light-brown lining; it matches his dress hat. On the shoulder, it has a gold pin: a Holy Ring with a stemmed rose and scroll in saltire and a letter A overall, the flower and the letter in crimson.

His eyes are dark, but with a touch of hazel; his hair would blend into a bearskin cloak; he has a small braid on the right side. His pale skin flushes easily. He seems deeply
cheerful. He wears his ring of light, s garnet ring, and a spider ring on his index finger.

His medallion has been polished to vaguely show its ancient image of Love on one side and War on the other. He wears a bracelet on the left wrist, with fine engraving, even when something else is over it.
When not wearing his robes, he likes green or red; not a hair is left on his clothes.

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