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Lady Telmacha
Telmacha is above medium height, and of cheerful disposition. A young lady, with an oval face, and a pensive expression, she wears her hair tied back when prepared for combat; when up, it has luxurious curly locks under her lacy cap, and has an ivory and gold comb holding it in place. Her medallion has been polished enough to show the mighty form of King T'hinser. Her tightly fitted night-black armor is ornamented with opalescent lights forming the constellations; Figmar covers her heart. She wears her trophies with an air of confidence.

Telmacha is wearing a vividly green bodice, with sweeping arms and a dagged base, decorated with fine lines to resemble the sepals of a calyx. Her earrings, and the few scattered pins, represent bees.
Below the bodice the dusky red undergown bells out like a lily, and then descends as five separate overlapping petals. Her ankles, just visible, are in black stockings.

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