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Clarise Ebony

Thick, glossy, brunette ringlet curls seem to bounce delicately as she moves; a blue blossom occasionally pins back a few curls. Warm, brown eyes nearly the same color as her hair, assesses everything with quick glance and seem to glow with happiness, full lips always seem to be smiling about something. She is of average height, her lean muscles are of one who is use to hard labor and her skin glows a light bronze of one who is used to being outside. Wears a very long light blue bunnyfuz shirt that is slit open on both sides from her hip down to her knees to allow for ease of movement, a pair of dark brown leather pants beneath it with a dark brown belt sitting loose on her hips. The tops of her brown Stygian boots are covered in multi-colored un-dyed bunnyfuz and come up over her pants. When not in use an ax can be seen holstered on her hip and an Ultimate Weapon not far from her hand. Random bits of spider web can be seen hanging off her clothing, curls and pack... but never her UW or axe which she tries to keep clean. A garnet ring on finger and a fine silver bracelet seem to be the only adornments she currently has.


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