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Lavender Morgan

Long hair flows down her back: ink black at the roots that ombre's into a lilac purple that strikingly bring out lavender eyes that survey everything with tenderness, a small button nose, perfectly manicured nails, a slim, delicate figure, all aid her natural grace. And while she carries herself gracefully, there is a timidness about her.

Her clothing is usually clean and hug her slender frame attractively. A gleaming silver pendant and chain done with the letters - S and R done in blue, a symbol of her loyalty to her guild family rest around her neck. Always present, in addition to her guild pendant, are a few other trinkets that have their place. Always wears an intricately done metal rose of violet and emerald a gift from a friend, pinned to her cloths.

A few staves hang off her pack along with a small bag of powder dangling from her waist make it clear what profession she chose to walk. And if one gets close enough to catch a whiff she oft smells of sea breeze and a floral sent similar to her name sake. Occasionally very faded burn marks can be seen across her body except for her face.

Her constant companion a teddy bear with a royal blue bow-tie a silver name tag dangling just below it bearing the name she dubbed him, "Tiberius."

Lavender's Golden Journal

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