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Bo Bonnie
All paleness and fragility, Bo teeters upon the brink of tallness and closely meanders around near emancipation. For a woman of her winters, she scarely has any breast to speak of; nor a single ounce of womanly buxom to show for it. Straight up and down, that is Bo Bonnie. All elbows and knees, that is Bo Bonnie.

Her blue summer dress has been cheerfully embroidered about the hem with a merry chain of dandelions. Her sandaled feet expose toes that are just as long as her fingers. Pasty legs; having only felt the first intrepid rays of summer, bear a dusting of faint, whispy hairs about the ankles - matching the whispish strands upon her head for both texture and tone.

Prominent ears protrude pinkly at the helix from the fine cobwebbing of her hair. Ears and hair frame a face that is both reasonably as pleasant as it is symmetrical in it's proportions. Though, her mouth might be considered a smidge large and her eyes are more widely set than what would be considered usual. Bo's left eye is waxed with a sickly glaze and peers out, unfocused, from within it's socket. While her remaining, functioning eye, is a rather unspectacular shade of grey ish-blue.

While other women were born to bloom, it would appear that Bo is a non-flowering specimen. A human bedding plant; placed upon the earth to make the flowers appear all the more radiant. Though, a glimmer of something at least faintly remarkable rests in her bony hands; where her ring and middle fingers are both equal in length. Bo wears her Holy Ring upon her thumb, and lilac veins beneath her eyes.

The Paint Book.

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