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Bo Bonnie
It is important to know that Bo is not beautiful. She is plain; perhaps the very epitome of average. She could be passed forty times in one marc and not looked twice at. There are no adornments for fine boned Bo. No fancy garments to decorate her, only the bland, gender-less and drab. While other women were born to bloom, Bo is a non flowering specimen: A human bedding plant, placed upon the land to make the flowers appear all the more radiant.

She teeters upon the brink of tallness and closely meanders around near emaciation - saved only by sinewy strength and disproportionately wide hips. She is long limbed and willowy; her slender body almost seeming to have too many joints and limbs for one person to possibly hope to accommodate. All elbows and knees, that is Bo Bonnie.

A fine, tangled, cobwebbing of light hair is worn cropped to her chin out of practicalities sake. Her face is reasonably pleasant and symmetrical in its proportions. Although, her mouth is a little overly large and her eyes are more widely set than what would be considered usual. Bo's left eye is waxed with a sickly glaze and peers out, unfocused, from within its socket. While her remaining, functioning eye is an unspectacular shade of greyish blue.

A glimmer of something at least faintly remarkable rests in her bony hands, where her ring and middle fingers are equal in length. Her poor hands show signs of frequent gnawing and she wears her Holy ring upon her thumb. Bo's other merits include that she is clean and is good at being quiet.    

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