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Barely about 5ft, a lean woman with long blond locks part of which is pulled back in a ponytail the rest left loose and while her hair is mostly straight, it softly curls on the ends. Sapphire blue eyes glitter like rifters light on the ocean.

Covering her clothing is a supple, cloak that looks like wood. Holding the cloak in place is a blue and silver rose shaped clasp. Holy armor gleams from under her cloak, and hanging off a belt is a leather satchel, and on the other side is an iron frying pan that seems to be glowing. A golden chain hangs around her neck with a locket, and two rings, one is white gold, the other is a garnet set with a blue gem in it, both have unclear writing on the insides of the bands.

Occasionally carries around a light brown and white stuffed barn owl with yellow eyes. Around its neck a blue ribbon necklace with a silver tag. The letters SR engraved on one side and the name Caspian on the other.

Within reach, sticking out of her satchel is a small, gently worn, book of royal blue dyed leather with silver edging and engraved with a large silver letter R. The journal is kept closed with a silver rose shaped clasp. Small Blue Book

@)--'--,-- @) --'--,-- @) --'--,-- @)--'--,-- @) --'--,--@) --'--,--@) --'--,--@) --'--,--

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