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First thing one often notices about this cleric is the golden blond hair that flows unbound around her to the middle of her back, from behind her locks of golden hair, and occasionally a glittering mask are wide, sapphire blue eyes that while still fill with compassion and determination when working with others, are usually found staring off into space her mind elsewhwere, her usual annoyingly cheerful demeanor, that she use to get teased for, is now more sullen and quiet. But she is still friendly and tries to be nice. The fact that she is the diminutive height of 5 foot doesn’t seem to stop her at all... in fact it seems to help her as she slips through crowds usually unnoticed with almost a rogues like grace which seems unusual for a cleric, but she uses it to get to people in need as quickly as possible.

Gleaming silver armor seems to have been crafted to fit her frame perfectly and shimmers with various inlaid holy designs done in gold and royal blue, and is kept in pristine condition as if she is consistent in tending it after every battle. Beneath the armor are soft cream silk spun robes, banded in silver, and fall lightly to her knees. They are enhanced by crimson silk around the sleeves and the waist, and are fastened by a simple brown bos-leather cord. Over that cord though seems to be a soft bos brown belt with cord wrapping it in different spots that hold various things to the belt but made for quick removal, things such as a sling that holds the glowing green crystal of her ultimate weapon, on the other side a strange sight; a glowing, Iron frying pan. Usually carries a satchel instead of a pack, and it's strap goes across her chest, as she prefers wearing it that way. Depending on her mood, either tall leather-like boots cover her feet and go to her knees, or odd looking multi-colored shoes cover her feet but seem as bright and cheerful. Though on occasion she can be seen in a cleric robe that is white as newly fallen snow, it is trimmed very subtly with shimmering white flowers; a red sash; denoting them to be robes of Miranda as well; is tied at her waist and falls to the bottom hem of the robe. Though no matter which robe she a garnet bracelet dangles from her left wrist above a simple looking garnet ring, the ring at first look is unassuming, but upon closer inspection it seems to have hearts etched into it that are inlayed with white gold, she spins this ring around on her finger idly... often. Upon her right hand is a glowing, golden clerical ring. Covering all this is a supple, flowing brown cloak that is light as feathers, but looks like wood. Holding the cloak in place is a clasp in the shape of the letters S done in plain silver, and an R done in blueish hued looking silver and they show her devotion to the guild she calls home.

A light brown and white stuffed barn owl with yellow eyes sits on her shoulder. Around its neck a blue ribbon necklace with a silver tag. The letters SR engraved on one side and the name Caspian on the other, and he's looking a bit ragged like he's been squeezed a lot lately.

Within reach, sticking out of her satchel is a small, gently worn, oft used, book of royal blue dyed leather with silver edging. Kept closed with a silver rose shaped clasp that has the letter "R" in the center. A gull plume sticking out from the midst of its pages. Small Blue Book

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