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The Noble Jobe Thaniel Steward
**Circling the slender ring finger of his left hand resides a white gold band cut with diamonds and deep, blue sapphires. Beneath it, a faded silver ring looks all the more beaten and dull for it's radiant new neighbour.**

On account that he is such a timeless beauty, it would be practically impossible to estimate Jobe's true age. Save for a faint peppering of silver in his otherwise raven hair, he is weathering the cycles almost unfairly well. He is well matured and debonair in that annoying sort of way that only men seem able to achieve. As large and as sensual as ever, Jobe still makes for a rare and exotic spectacle around these parts; like a foreign bird of paradise, preening itself among a flock of mallard.

It is widely rumoured that the colour purple willed itself into existence so that Jobe might wear it over the colder turns. The dusky colour surely must love him, judging by the way it hugs his broad shoulders. His tall, rangy physique is never clothed in anything less than resplendent finery. Jobe is like some underworld dandy or crumbling prince charming in exquisite tailoring. A carefully clashing pair of green ankle booties click in time with his limber stride; exaggerating his already lofty stature and elevating him even further above the common rabble. Peeking out of his top jacket pocket is a small, white rabbit with pink eyes, embroidered onto a laced-edged handkerchief's silken corner.

Feline eyes of an opulent shade of emerald green are framed with an illustriously thick dusting of dark lashes; bestowing him with both the look of a cat-eyed predator, along with the long lashed meekness of prey. Jobe's features can only be described as effortlessly handsome. Gorgeous, but grumpy, when he is not wearing his 'winter's scowl', his smile is both radiant and devastating in equal measures.

His hair, once a shade duskier than a ravens wing, flops charmingly over his opaline brow. Rakishly cut and deliciously rumpled, one can only wonder how he managed to get himself into such a lovely state of disarray.

It is wholly true that Jobe is the most glamorous creature ever to grace the lands. He is the most spectacular of alien blooms, living in Valorn's regular flower bed.

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