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Iron Commander Cody Fireblade the Affable
Cody’s striking blue eyes greet each person with an affable warmness uncommon for their crystalline depth, though sadness and uncertainty flash through his eyes when he thinks nobody is looking. His teal-tipped spiked dark hair, and his crooked grin speaks to his good-natured self confidence and invites the question of what inside joke is on his mind.
While never cocky, this warrior carries himself with quiet authority. His jovial nature is seldom superseded by his duty to protect the realm, but in moments of serious conflict and danger he is much at ease with his responsibilities as he is relaxing with his comrades. His above average stature is trimmed with lean muscle, not as bulky as one might expect from his height.

He carries the scars of battle both inside and out. Although if it were not for the burn scars, that can be seen on the right side of his neck disappearing into the collar of his armor and reappear on his right wrist that slightly mar an almost invisible tattoo bearing the letters ‘LLF’, one might not even notice. These scars are healed, but refuse to fade and serve as permanent reminders. His left wrist is wrapped with blue cloth

His armor is well-kept, if not battle worn. His membership in the Iron Order is an obvious point of pride, from the polished crest upon his armor to the cloak that protects him from the elements during endless marcs of swamp or tower guard duties. On his right forefinger, he wears a ring with the IO symbol. On his other hand is a ring made of three entwined strands of white gold.

The insignia of his leadership of the Serendipitous Resurrection guild hangs around his neck in a humble display of the letters ‘SR’ upon a simple metallic medallion.

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