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Angelina Darkwood
Of average height, Angelina moves with an unassuming gait. A sombre expression rests on her sun-kissed face. In contrast, laughter lines are set deep around the outer of her eyes and mouth, showing a mirth that lies somewhere within. A profound sincerity radiates from her auburn eyes with a wisdom that hints at her age more than her face shows.

Oversized robes hang loosely off her slight frame, with soft outlines of muscles showing beneath her tanned skin. Her accessories remain humble in appearance and are worn for purpose rather than decoration. Sand has stained the hem of her robes a dusty orange, probably lent to spending a lot of time in the desert.

Dark, almost black hair dances in curls around her shoulders. A jagged scar juts out from beneath her hairline, trailing from her just above her left eyebrow before disappearing into her scalp. A small shock of white hair tumbles down from where the scar mars her hairline, which sits in stark contrast to the rest of her hair.

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