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High Lady Bibi Onyx

Bibi passes quietly and quickly as if borne on a breeze and all that's left behind is a bit of billowing black cape. Near her collarbone a shinning point of silver winks out; a "V" pin to display her guild allegiance. Toned and petite, this girl is stronger than she first seems. Her energy level leaves her appearing like a tightly wound spring. Her sharp tongue and sour wit are strong features, but she can be quite charming as well. Long lashes frame her electric eyes which are mirrored by her silvery laugh. Bibi can usually be found enjoying a mug of MSG or visiting merchants to see if they have anything of interest. There is a rainbow of dried flowers strung onto a garnet pendant trailing from the corner of her pack decoratively.
Bibi can sometimes be seen handling a one-of-a-kind scorpion dagger. The grip has a sturdy metal ring formation that she slides her fingers through, allowing her to use the dagger in many ways, including as a blunt-force punching weapon. Upon its blade is designed the name "Kindness" in bold silvery script.

In rare times of contemplation, Bibi will fondle a water gem in her palm, hand-carved in the image of a dragon that refused to wake one eve, despite the fireworks.

Something flashes on her finger from time to time, when the light is just right; a perfectly weighted platinum band sporting a magnificent inlaid diamond in the shape of a star crafted and set with a skilled, devoted hand. Nestled in the center is a brilliant blue diamond with a deep crimson shard glinting passionately. The ring in its entirety shimmers with liquid celestial light, mimicking polymorphous stars in the night sky.

Dangling from her left ear, by loops thrice entwined, is a large glimmering square-cut diamond. It sways playfully as she moves and sends a blinding spark of light every now and again.

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