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A woman in her late twenties or early thirties, Meara is as unremarkable in appearance as she was on her first turn in Valorn. Slightly pudgy, she stands at an average height, without any visible scars or other markings.
She wears her shoulder-length black hair open and without any ornamentation while relaxing with a mug of ale in her hands, but takes care to tie it into a ponytail with a simple leather band before engaging in battle.

Her robes are old, the colour faded in places, though always clean and without any visible holes. A thin belt holds them closed. Several equally old small bags and pouches are attached to it.
One of them is slightly bigger than the others and contains her powder. Another one had been made out of what seems to be pieces of a fishing net, with several small scales used as decoration. The outline and light of a Glowing Lava Rock are just visible through the loops in the net. While not in battle, one can make out a slightly glowing Green Crystal through the loops of a similar bag.

She wears several necklaces prominently above her robes. The stem of a small blue flower has been threaded through the links of one of them.
A small silver brooch is fastened to the cloth of her Robes on her left shoulder. However, instead of a jewel or stone, the brooch has been set with a tiny wooden chip.

Her serious and somewhat awkward nature is still in evidence when talking with strangers, but those who know her might notice that she laughs and jokes much more easily than she used to.

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