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Doyle is a thickset and powerfully built man in his sixties with long flowing grey hair and a face that has been weathered by time, elements and warfare. His green eyes are hard due to the reality of fighting the war against the Dark Lord and his hordes but often compassion, warmth and humour shine through when not having to deal with the immediate threat of demonic encroachment.

His posture is that of someone who has been a soldier his entire life, rigid and ready to react at a moments notice. He stands straight, never slouching, and walks with his head held high always looking for where he may be needed the most.

Rarely seen not wearing his armour, with his battle worn Clerical robes stretched tightly over the top, making him look slightly bulkier then he really is. Clasped to his right forearm is a plain looking armlet made seemingly of silver and gold with a single red gemstone set securely in the center.

Eschewing the use of an Ultimate Weapon of the Golden Age, Doyle prefers to wield a Holy Broadsword specially modified for his personal use. Its blade is slightly shorter then usual to increase its effectiveness in confined areas as well as being kept as sharp as a razor's edge, set into it are several crystal shards each imbued with a fragment of holy light causing the sword to blaze like a fiery beacon in darkness. The hilt is long enough to be grasped two handed and is encompassed by a sturdy basket guard to protect his hands whilst the pommel is shaped into the A.V.E Guild crest, a five pointed star.

Iron Protector Doyle the Holy Warrior
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Gender: Male
Level: 65
Profession: Cleric
Guild: Guardians of the Grimoire (Officer)
Stature Points: 7
Equipped Items
Traveler's Pouch (Glowing)
Iron Order Ring
Iron Order Cloak Pin
Orb of Shadows (Dim)
Gold Aegis Crystal
Iron Protector's Cloak
Strength Armlet
Sacred Ring of Light (Shining)
Maker Midnight Boots
Polished Articulated Gauntlets
Traveler's Jerkin and Pants
Armor of the Iron Order
Shield of the Kings
Oathkeeper of Light (Blinding)