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Bells on boots grow black with time. Boots bleach pale as smoke. Supple soles shape silent steps as silken threads quell silver tongues. Yet the figure walks in whispers.

Beneath the velvet shush of cloak's ascendent darkness lies a susurrus woven of layers. A battered, laden pack rasps rhythmic, leathery complaint when bearer's long stride hastens. Arcane robes in fog's shy hue fray against those of obdurate onyx, whilst the Warbringer's tyrian fringe contains the sere percussion of sand-burr, briar-seed, and withered leaf.

In the wanderer's semblance, a further tattering of the wilds.

Autumn's skein ravels through auburn tresses, copper and fire trapped in dark whorls of witchlock, each glimmer roused at light's whim. A single serpentine braid sleeks free, weighted by a dusk-hearted blossom whose blade-petaled, light-drinking silhouette oscillates across fabric and features. In counterpoint, the fierce light of an oceanic stone snug against throat's hollow limns indelible inkings upon collarbone and neck, an intricate suggestion of thorny vine to the argent geometries.

Stone also brightens, some turns, a mask of eldritch lambency.

At other times, it reveals skin-deep tranquility upon a visage stripped of all of youth's vaunted softness. Caught within a symmetry of sharpness wrought of 'rifter-burnished angles and stark shadow, a crescent smile curves inconstant. Below the winged arches of mahogany eyebrows, a fey gaze shelters a myriad of forest, each fathomless well of pupil bounded by concentric coronas of changeling green.

Synvasti Shymere
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Gender: Female
Level: 70
Profession: Enchanter
Guild: The Remnants of Kimald (Officer)
Stature Points: 841
Equipped Items
Traveler's Pouch (Glowing)
Silver Ring
Bloom of the En'Sate (Dim)
Orb of Shadows (Dim)
Demonblood Gold Aegis Crystal
Eidolon Mask (Glowing)
Cloak of Darkness (Shadowed)
Doorway Fragment
Ring of Protection VIII
Amulet of Fate (Blinding)
Mystical Jingle Jangle Dancing Boots
Magma Ash Gauntlets (Glowing)
Red Feathered Tricorn Hat
Warbringer Robes of Kane (Shadowed)
Adept Robe IV
Ruined Item (Bright)
Cabalist Staff of Lightning II (Glowing)