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A mysterious presence is what this woman puts forth when one looks upon her. Deep auburn hair with platinum blond highlights more toward the ends of her hair, and underlying, are tied back by a bos-hide tie with sparkling blue and silver gems. Her tail falls just past her shoulders along with two silver bunny ears peeking through and aqua-marine eyes that twinkle with mischief and merriment are what one sees. A blossom the color of indigo rests in place behind her left ear.

When seen in the heat of battle, a silver mask protects her face. The soft glow of this mask combined with an occasional crackling sound give her almost an ethereal look.

Her armor is dark to blend in with the shadows, a deep midnight black in color. Fastened to the front of her robes is a delicately curved silver clasp in the shape of a bunny head. The bunny head has one ear pointed straight up and the other flopped over the side of its face while a distinctive pattern lines the edge of the clasp. Across the middle of the clasp engraved in large and beautifully curved dark silver writing are the letters 'C.S.B.' To open the clasp, one simply moves the S upwards. Her boots are made of softened bos-hide that has been dyed a deep, dark brown. The gauntlets emit a soft glow adding an even more mysterious nature to her visage. She has a silver bunny tail peeking out from a hole in her robes.

A single dull green crystal hangs suspended from her belt, which she can turn into one of her Ultimate Weapons when battle calls.

Positioned around her belt are various pouches for coins and treasures. A small waterskin hangs from her belt. Small, cuddly silver bunnies cover the surface randomly while the letter's CSB are embroidered near the neck of the waterskin. The only odd thing appears to be a cylindrical case for holding rolls of parchment that she wears across her back. This case has silver lettering embroidered around it but cannot be read except from close inspection.

She is often heard humming or singing softly, her feet or fingers usually tapping out some sort of rhythm upon whatever happens to be close by.

Suspended from her belt is an empty handmade pouch made of crocheted spider silk in lovely shades of purple with a few silver sparkles have been woven into it. A soft orange glow can still be seen coming from it, along with something red poking out and the top of a gull plume.

Occasionally, a few drops of green goo drip out from the pouch. It has a very faint glow surrounding it.

Aryana Moonsong
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Gender: Female
Level: 53
Profession: Rogue
Guild: Clan of the Shrouded Bunnies (Leader)
Stature Points: 22
Equipped Items
Traveler's Pouch (Bright)
Black Orchid
Icy Medallion
Demonblood Gold Aegis Crystal
Phantom Mask of Storms (Glowing)
Trollbark Cloak
Demon Power Bracelet
Amulet of Fate (Shining)
Gator Skin Boots
Elite Centaur Helm
Chilled Warbringer Stealth Robes of Kane (Darkened)
Nightsky Armor
Arach the Dragon Dagger
Ultimate Weapon of Light (Blinding)