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About average, that is the height and looks of Alfred Elpin.

Silver hair is shaved short around the sides and left loose and long from the top of his head, partially concealing a scar down the left side of his face. Hazel eyes flit to and fro - never settling in one place for long. His cheeks are sunken, and his face gaunt. Beneath heavy armor is an agile frame laden with tightly strung muscles that are neither bulging nor mistakable for wheat stalks.

Several bundles of dried mint are tied together and hang from his pack.

Of late, there is a bulge between his left cheek and gumline and his breath smells of mint.

Alfred Elpin
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Gender: Male
Level: 28
Profession: Warrior
Stature Points: 8
Equipped Items
Traveler's Pouch (Glowing)
Golden Ring
Tarnished Medallion
Woven Grass Mask
Admiral`s Cloak
Gold and Silver Bracelet
Amulet of Righteousness (Glowing)
Caligae War Sandals
Wall Beast Claw Gauntlets
Enchanted Skull Helm
Dark Grey Suit
Tempered Ringmail Armor
Glowing Scarab Shield (Glowing)
Warrior Broadsword