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Borus is a silent warrior who has traveled far and wide, honing his combat skills and learning to survive in harsh environments. No one knows where he comes from or what his true purpose is. Some whisper that he is an assassin or a mercenary, but he never speaks to confirm or deny these rumors.

Borus is a lean and muscular man with dark hair and piercing blue eyes. A large scar on his left cheek appears to be the result of a deep wound that has since healed.

He moves with a grace and fluidity that suggests years of training and discipline.

Borus Grim
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Gender: Male
Level: 27
Profession: Warrior
Stature Points: 2
Equipped Items
Traveler's Pouch (Glowing)
Rhinestone Ring
Tarnished Medallion
Stylish Scarf
Admiral`s Cloak
Amulet of Fate (Shining)
Gator Skin Boots
Wall Beast Claw Gauntlets
Demon Helm (Shadowed)
Benevolent Robes of Miranda (Glowing)
Tempered Ringmail Armor
Demon Shield (Dim)
Demon Sword (Dim)