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It would be difficult to gauge the build of this young man beneath the shroud of his varied garments; though he is certainly neither hulking nor weedy.

A high-collared jerkin of faded indigo has been layered over coal black sleeves that terminate in pointed loops around each slender middle finger. The same etiolated shade of blue composes his trousers, tucked haphazardly into a curiously interchangeable pair of boots. He has been further enveloped by way of a hooded dress cloak, loosely clasped overtop the asymmetrical buttons that fasten at his throat.

Rumpled waves of dusky blonde are cropped just shy of his youthful brow. His is a visage not overtly handsome, but passably symmetrical. Truly, the only memorable feature he possesses are his eyes, like spring and fall synchronously; like new growth and autumn foliage; soft moss and sunlit oak. The warmth of an everlasting hearth dwells therein, oft accompanied by a muted smile that speaks of similarly endless patience.

He carries little by way of belongings. No pack to speak of; only a small pouch at his hip, and the undisclosed contents of his pockets.

Mosaic Montagnei
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Gender: Male
Level: 4
Profession: Initiate
Stature Points: 1
Equipped Items
Black Dress Cape
Rugged Boots
Black Suit
Tree Moss Tea