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Close to 6 foot tall, she is not only tall but also a woman large in girth. Her armor shimmers like fish scales. Thick, dirty blond hair, barely cover smooth but completely freckled face, while clothing covers a good majority of the rest of her freckled skin. Steel grey eyes dance with mirth. Wears a grey suit close in color to her eyes, with a fox pelt as if it is the fanciest of scarves. Speaks with a southern type of accent and tends to talk with her hands. And due to her armor, she smells a little fishy. Has a brass monocule clipped to her fox fur simply because she thinks it makes her look distinguished.

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Gender: Female
Level: 16
Profession: Initiate
Stature Points: 11
Equipped Items
Rhinestone Ring
Tarnished Medallion
Brass Monocle
Yeti Hide Cloak
Amulet of Evilsbane (Glowing)
Strange Boots
Sea Scale Gauntlets
Sea Scale Helm
Grey Suit
Sea Scale Armor
Shield of Light (Glowing)
Wood Hatchet