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Blossom may not be the shortest adventurer in Valorn, but she is close. Her brown, slightly curly, hair is filled with flowers, and her deep brown eyes with cheerful confidence.

At the moment, she is wearing a deep red dress with a green belt and a gold sash, instead of her usual suit.

Her bonding ring is of wood.

Blossom Aphidistra
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Gender: Female
Level: 32
Profession: Rogue
Stature Points: 213
Equipped Items
Leaf Belt
Plain Wood Ring
Red Flower
Demon Power Bracelet
White Gold Ring
Amulet of Fate (Bright)
Termite Wing Greaves
Sea Scale Gauntlets
Enchanted Skull Helm
Grey Suit
Rogue Stealth Armor
Glowing Scarab Shield (Glowing)
Diamond-Edged Pickaxe