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He stands 5’9” tall. Despite his average height is is rather large, slightly stocky around the middle, both arms and legs are quite muscular.

He has a kind face with a thick red beard. His reddish-brown hair is kept neat and cut between his ears and shoulder. His eyes are a brilliant blue that shows more intelligence than his build lets on. He bares three scars that start just above his right eye and travels down to his jaw line. The scar comes from his childhood. When he was a child his village was attacked by a rabid dire wolf. To keep anyone else from getting hurt he attacked the wolf with a spear and killed it. Thus his name and scars. He wears the k9 of the wolf around his neck as a reminder of his friends he lost and uses it as fuel for being a cleric.

Despite his run-in with the dire wolf he loves wolves and has a large tattoo of one on his sculpted right forearm.

On his left forearm he has a fresh tattoo of a blue and silver crest with the letters “SR” in the middle of it.

The Noble Storm Wolfbane
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Gender: Male
Level: 21
Profession: Cleric
Guild: Serendipitous Resurrection
Stature Points: 2
Equipped Items
Tarnished Medallion
Snow Leopard Cloak
Holy Ring of Light (Shining)
Amulet of Righteousness (Glowing)
Sea Scale Boots
Lambent Wrist Guards of Zeric (Glowing)
Sea Scale Helm
Clerical Robes: Order of Zeric
Full Leather Armor
Iron Knights Shield
Sunrifter Blade