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Shoulder-length hair serves as a gilded halo for this fetching young man; with fine, gauzy strands that wisp and snarl in even the faintest of breezes. An untidy fringe curtains large eyes, whose lucid hue bears semblance to a perfect dewdrop atop the petal of a blue poppy. Paired with an ivory complexion, Johan’s is a mouth so soft and well-formed that it borders on girlish.

Black trousers and a cream-colored poet’s shirt laud his lissome frame - the latter of which is unlaced just enough to be tempting, without yet delving into torrid territory. The heels of his brogan boots tap a pompous cadence as he parades himself from place to place. Twin sapphire beads act as maestro, dripping from his earlobes and swaying an accompaniment with every tilt and turn of his head.

The Noble Johan Valentin
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Gender: Male
Level: 20
Profession: Initiate
Stature Points: 25
Equipped Items
Traveler's Pouch (Bright)
Monogrammed Handkerchief
Exceptional Black Boots
White Satin Clothing