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A spirited young lady with reddish blonde locks and deep penetrating brown eyes.
Soft spoken yet outgoing she will greet most with a smile unless crossed. She fiery attitude can be seen either in battle or pulling stunts on those close to her.
The chain mail style of this necklace gives it an almost extravagant feel, but yet at the same time simple. Hanging from this necklace is a piece of red semi-illuminate stone, but if one got a close enough glance they'll see a glowing lava rock has been carved into a rose shape.
A darkened white gold ring rests on her finger with pieces of garnet stones resting in the infinity symbol in the ring. Both pieces of jewelry being gifts from her parents.

The Noble Akari Muramota
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Gender: Female
Level: 21
Profession: Cleric
Guild: Serendipitous Resurrection
Stature Points: 6
Equipped Items
White Gold Ring
Tarnished Medallion
Bear Hide Cloak
Holy Ring of Light (Shining)
Amulet of Fate (Glowing)
Gator Skin Boots
Sea Scale Gauntlets
Sea Scale Helm
Benevolent Robes of Miranda (Glowing)
Studded Leather Armor
Iron Knights Shield
Mystical Blade (Glowing)