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Standing about 6 feet 4 inches tall with light brown hair that goes to roughly shoulder length with brown eyes
He has 2 scars from his battles,a small 1 on right cheek and 1 on left bicep roughly 4 inches long

Is in good shape due to all his adventuring as keeps him quite busy.Always willing to help if able and seems to move with a purpose.

Is 1 of 2 children but lost contact with older brother many moons ago,nowadays travels about doing whatever possible to help battle the evil in the lands

The Noble Harb Lightfoot
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Gender: Male
Level: 24
Profession: Rogue
Stature Points: 2
Equipped Items
Tarnished Medallion
Admiral`s Cloak
Sea Scale Boots
Sea Scale Gauntlets
Skull Helm
Simple Cloth Clothing
Treated Leather Armor
Fine Falchion - Left
Fine Falchion - Right