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A sweet, flowery aroma does a marvelous job of announcing this young woman’s presence, but conflicts with the flakes of earth and colorful pastes that cake her Sunrifter-kissed skin. Her short stature allows movements that are silent and graceful, but easy to track given her predisposition to leave a trail of flower petals, pieces of bread, or powdery dust behind her.

A woven grass hat with feathers of assorted size and color tucked into its band spills her untied frizzy caramel hair that cascades all the way down to her posterior. Her hazel eyes sparkle bright and are enhanced by dark smears of berry on her rosy cheeks and small perky nose. She carries a broad grin at all times, suggesting that she is prone to giggle often.

Her attire is a catastrophe, but she exhibits it proudly. A large rust red robe fits her awkwardly but provides the tanned leather overalls beneath with ample protection. From her neck hangs a simple crystal pendant, along with a shiny black cape down her back. Pins, buttons, and bottle caps have been fastened to each of the overall’s suspenders, while several large pockets near her chest and stomach house who knows what. Beneath the overalls is a sleeveless concoction of mismatched fabrics with odd patterns, excess strands of thread still attached. The legs of her overalls have been ripped off at halfway up her thighs, but a pair of purple knee-high socks helps to cover most of her remaining legs. The tops of her brown boots are surprisingly clean; however, the bright green laces do little to compliment them.

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Gender: Female
Level: 37
Profession: Enchanter
Stature Points: 7
Equipped Items
A Bag of Powder
Black Orchid
Icy Medallion
Embroidered Leaf Patch
Shimmering Ice Cloak
Armlet of Protection IV
Ring of Protection V
Amulet of Fate (Blinding)
Gator Skin Boots
Iron Knight Gloves
Woven Grass Hat
Rust Red Suit
Dark Robe II
Glowing Scarab Shield (Glowing)
Staff of Fire III