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Short and scruffy blonde hair bleached by the rays of the Sunrifter perks off of this man's head with no sense of formality or evenness. The hairs littering his cheeks, down to his chin are just the same, with some spots appearing more developed than others. His misty grey eyes mesh into the mix, at times revealing hints of light shades of blue and green.

Wrapped around him is a soft-purple coloured robe that shows very few signs of neglect. It contours perfectly with his slim body as he moves with agile and grace. Beneath them, he wears a loud, orange button-up shirt which conflicts almost in a perfect manner with the robe. His shirt is tucked neatly into his long brown trousers close to his waist, secured by a thin tan belt.

It is not rare to catch him daydreaming or short of words, though when he speaks his voice is very soft and his words flow out poetically.

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Gender: Male
Level: 53
Profession: Enchanter
Stature Points: 37
Equipped Items
A Bag of Powder
Golden Ring
Maze Badge
Monogrammed Handkerchief
Gold Aegis Crystal
Phantom Mask of Storms (Glowing)
Fireworm Cloak
Armlet of Protection V
Ring of Protection VIII
Amulet of Fate (Shining)
Stygian Boots
Lambent Wrist Guards of Zeric (Glowing)
Elite Centaur Helm
Simple Orange Cloth Clothing
Adept Robe I
Ogre Battle Shield
Gemstone Staff (Glowing)